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Brokers who encounter difficulty funding commercial real estate projects may be interested to learn about Trevor Cole Commercial Corp <> . The New York City firm specializes in nonconforming loans and secures funding for previously problematic or rejected loans. Trevor Cole <> Commercial Corp. stands among the top ranking lenders focusing on commercial mortgage and structured finance. The firm assists borrowers holding A- to D rated credit portfolios, utilizing cutting-edge consulting tools and modeling assistance programs to accurately match clients’ loan and equity needs with competitively priced A, B, C, and D type loans. Borrowers who require capital to pay off debt or expand their businesses can take advantage of an additional program available through Trevor Cole Commercial Corp. This opportunity allows clients to borrow against intellectual property <> rights, such as copyrights and trademarks.

Trevor Cole Commercial Corp. and it's principal's have been assisting North American clients for more than 20 years, completing an impressive record of commercial projects during that time. The corporation’s and it's principal's list of successfully funded projects includes a 150 unit apartment building in the Bronx New York that was funded in under one month from the time the buyer requested the loan.

Trevor Cole Commercial Corp. and it's principal's have also procured nonconforming loans for developers of numerous hotels, apartment building, nursing and assisted-living facilities, shopping centers. Valuing mutually beneficial client relationships, Trevor Cole Commercial Corp. provides assistance in multiple lending areas, including jewelry, business loans, venture capital, residential loans, and collectibles.

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